Its Never too Late to be Back #017

Dear Security blanket,

It’s been a minute since we had a chat, I feel so bad about it. I’ve been thinking of how to come back to you but somehow days just come and go. I keep on writing and failing to post. You know why, because most of the time I feel like I haven’t given it my all.

WhatsApp Image 2019-05-09 at 14.05.30

First of all, I seriously owe you an apology for disappearing unceremoniously. Kindly forgive me for the silence.  I am 100% sure if this was a romantic relationship, it would have been over by now. The last thing I shared with you was about my parenting experience, when my little sister and her best friend came over, right?  After their departure I was left all alone and that’s when it did hit me that I resigned and became jobless. Lol😄😄 not really jobless but self-employed, that sounds better I guess.  Many things have happened in the last few months, and there was this particular month that I wish I could share exactly what went down but I still can’t.🙆🏽‍

The events on that period taught me so much, I had to make google my only friend and learnt how to be positive even when there was nothing positive around me. Most of the time I felt God telling me to keep on fighting, for that was the path that He had planned for me. Anyway, this is a story I will get to share with you in details one day when I am ready, and not when I’m still this emotional about it.

Let me take you back to where I left you, if you remember, December 2018 was my last month of being employed, right? I left the company to start my own and I can assure you, it was one of the best moves I’ve made in my Life.   My company is called The Urge and it’s full of green colors. Yeah, don’t I just love green?! 😉  The Urge is still growing and there’s a lot to learn as I go.

Starting a company can be hectic and at the same time fulfilling.  Being the director, marketer and delivery guy at the same time is really crazy. I am telling you it’s a lot of work.  Actually, this is the reason why I haven’t been Blogging at all, but wait that’s just an excuse, because I’ve been able to vlog. Yeah🙅, I started Vlogging last year in November, just after my birthday. Somehow, I feel like have played you right there, been giving a lot of attention to my Vlog more than Blog, but let’s just say…. that was a new baby that needed my care just like The Urge Company.😇💪🏼‍‍‍

Since I started this self-employment, I feel like there are 2 things that I am really struggling to accomplish. These two things go hand in hand, reading and writing. I decided to focus more on Personal development books but I am stuck on 1 book since February, what’s happening to me? 🙆🏽‍I thought I got it all figured out last year. Damn! Agggggrrrrh, even the writing part I’ve only posted 1 article in 2019. Crazy, right?

Ignore that last paragraph for real, I am better than that, I set goals and crush them, right? That’s what Christine Ger is all about. I don’t fail, I just learn from the mistakes and use them to be better, now I am going to set achievable goals for my blog. I will start by posting 1 article every month, so at the end of the year I should have 12 articles. Although I need to cover all those months that I did nothing, so I just have to pull up my socks. Yes. Feel free to clap for me in advance💃🏽.

I’ve learnt from all the above never beat myself up because of not accomplishing 1 thing but to appreciate the fact that I got the other million things done.  Keep on getting up when you fall and move forward like you were far away from the ground.

2019 let’s do this again.💪🏼

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Yours Truly,


Christine Ger


Being a parent/a big sister/a friend at the same time #016

Screenshot_2019-01-29-14-00-28-1-1.pngTime flies so fast, it was just the other day when our little girl was born. My baby sister came when I was back in high school. When I heard about it, I sincerely had mixed feelings. Some part of me was excited for I couldn’t imagine having a moving doll, the other part was jealous, because I was no longer going to be the last born of the family.

Anyway, my little sister is all grown and we can sit have a chat like real ladies do. Before schools were closed she called and asked if she could come spend the holiday at my place with her best friend, which I absolutely said yes to. Friendship is a gift from God and I am one person who believe so much in that. I Sincerely treasure my friends and this is something I couldn’t say no to.

It’s funny how when you are the lastborn every time you get a break from school, your siblings are always fighting over you. This is my story every Christmas holiday, I am always fighting with my other elder sister on who’s house the little sister is going to visit. The person who I don’t want to be in this situation is my mom, she always doesn’t know how to divide her little girl. lol 😉 Luckily, I won this time round. After finalizing everything with mom my baby sister and her best friend were set for the trip.

screenshot_2019-01-29-14-00-24-1On their arrival date, I got to the station so early, I was super excited to have them for the holiday. As soon as the bus stopped Daisy came out, looking so tired, of course it was such a long journey I didn’t expect otherwise. She immediately spotted me and we both found ourselves smiling. I was thrilled to see them, and officially met Jane her best friend. Amazing tall girl, with a cute smile and dimples on her cheeks.

As we went home, I kept on asking them questions and getting answers from both, in deed Jane was as talkative as Daisy. You can imagine how happy I was noticing that, because I love talking too😉. I like having people who are outspoken, I find it very easy to handle such people because you can always know what’s going on with them.

It was a Sunday evening and the roads were clear. We got home at around 6.30pm. They both freshened up and settled in. We later had dinner, followed by a little chit chat, then we all went to bed by 10.30pm.

The following morning before leaving for work I shared with them a few house rules. I think my entire life I’ve been governed by different rules that I set yearly. Some would say, I am too tough on myself others would be like I am so disciplined and live by my words. Well, it doesn’t really matter what they say, the only thing that matters is what I feel about these rules and why I set.  To be sincere, I started living alone at an early age and looking back today, these ruled have saved me a lot of times.

Screenshot_2019-01-29-14-00-20-1.pngThe house rules were not that hard, things like; switch off the lights when you are leaving a room, follow the menu religiously, when it’s time to snack, make sure you do so, drink water at least 5 glasses or more a day; -}, wear a sweater and a pair of socks by 4pm everyday while in doors,  sleeping time, 11pm unless we extend our movie night. Very simple things, right?😉

During the day, I used to go to work and leave them at home with a couple of movies and series to watch. My love for cooking made their lives even better, for I used to prepare all the meals they needed for the day before leaving the house. They made my life more interesting and made me have a sneak peek of my future self in line with being a parent.

When I agreed to have these two for the holiday I wasn’t sure what to expect or didn’t know how exactly to handle teenagers but with time everything fell into place. We became this loving family of 3👩‍👧‍👧, who enjoyed every moment in our home.  Allow me to share with you a few tips that made our days rock and made us connect more. 😊

  1. Rules and Regulations: Its good to establish house rules that will help the teenagers become more responsible and growing up to be more independent. At first it wasn’t easy for them to abide by these rules. Sometimes one could forget to wear socks but the moment I stepped in and looked at their feet, it was pretty obvious. These rules helped me a lot having them around and at some point I was the one being reminded to wear my jumper after 🤣
  2. Involve them in your plans: Just like any other relationship, it’s always good to be like an open book to the other person. Let them know your plans for the day. My little girls enjoyed this part the most, they used to help me select what to wear going to work/events. I could change like ten times as they help me decide, the house became my runway. These two used to laugh at how I used to turn my closet upside down then start re-arranging again, because I love my clothes in a certain order. I shared with them my future plans and was always encouraging them to dream, because without dreaming there’s nowhere you can get in life. The bonding sessions made me learn so much about teenagers and how they view life, they shared their dreams and some of them really amazed me.🤗
  3. Have family indoors/outdoors activities: I think I am one person who just love games. We used to play cards and whoever loses was to clean the dishes the entire day after. Thank God, I didn’t lose any. Friday and Saturday night were our movie hangout nights. We could make some popcorns for the night and be seated by 8.15pm for our movie. One of the lessons I learnt during this entire time, is  that I became very selective with movies, they all had to be family movies or inspirational, something that would suit a teenager. I didn’t know it was such a hustle to get a movie before but yeah I am sure you understand what type of scenarios I was trying to avoid. Our last movie together was very interesting. It got us shouting and even praying at some point, it was so engaging. Yeah, I am sure you’re about to ask which movie it was, Uncle Drew is the name of the Movie, I hope you get to watch it one day.
  4. Menu: I always find it easy to work with home Menu, because it does help a lot and reduces the stress of thinking of what to eat every day. This helped my girls for they could easily just remove whatever was to be prepared early enough before I get home.If there was anything to be bought it did help too. They knew places to buy them from and by the time I was getting home everything was set for me to cook.
  5. Be the big sister/a friend: This was and still is my favorite of them all. We could talk about life and everything in it that I have learnt. I spent most of my free times in the kitchen showing them how to make different foodstuff. Can you imagine, Jane even taught me how to make good Mandazi’s, something she learnt from her mum. Our cooking days were the best. We used to have them on Sunday’s afternoons right after church. We became so close and loved our house so much that whenever we visited some of our relatives, they kept on asking me what time we were going back home. Being a big sister of course I had to know the things they needed to tick off their bucket list. Most of them were very simple things but were important to them. If not all, I believe we managed to do almost everything on their lists. I enjoyed every bit of being a big sister and a friend and getting to more about my two little girls.

Screenshot_2019-01-29-14-00-12-1.pngThe holiday season came to an end, on my way back home after seeing them off, it was such a long emotional journey. I got to my house which was very lonely, I couldn’t even spend a night there. I found myself going to my cousin’s place and stayed there for at least two nights before getting back to my place. I was so used to having people around me and I wasn’t ready to be alone. I kept checking up on them until we all got back to normal. Although, I still wonder how my mama used to deal with this story of us leaving her after every long holiday, going back to boarding school.

This entire experience taught me  a lot of things but the toughest one was being a parent. This role required a delicate balance between giving them enough guidance to ensure they are making the right choices in whatever they are doing and also giving them enough freedom to make mistakes. I sincerely want the best for them but sometimes it’s good to make mistakes, because that where we all learn from, right? Today I pray to God to protect them and make all their dreams come to pass. 🙌🏽





Even the strongest ones do cry sometimes #015

Screenshot_2018-12-27-09-11-08-1.pngAs days goes by I get closer to my last day of being employed by my current employer. I resigned on 30th November and been serving my notice period. During this time a lot has been going through my mind and the crème of it all happened yesterday. I remained behind trying to finish some of the work on my plate and a few minutes before leaving the office I had a moment on my empty desk. Yes, My desk is empty because I already packed my stuff from it, since it’s only a day left for me to be working here.

As I sat on my desk, memories started popping up my head. When I joined this company, I wasn’t looking for a job but when it came I took it because I needed quick money, and the only way that was going to happen was through employment. I had started my 2nd business then “Urge Beauty Parlour” which needed my attention and the only way I could support it too was by getting money from elsewhere.

When I got back to employment I only wanted to work for 3 months but clearly things changed. The first month of working in this company was really tough the system and the people, everything was different. I had to learn how to handle different personalities, how to step up and do things that’s I didn’t like at all.

Screenshot_2018-12-27-08-59-10-1-1.pngLuckily, after my first month, another person was employed and she joined our department. She had more experience in the industry than I did. I came from a media house, where story telling, video editing, writing and cameras were the languages we spoke. She came from a PR and Marketing Agency where proposals, budgets and pitching were the order of the day. When I went back to employment I had promised myself not to get attached to anyone but somehow we just clicked from the word go. She really helped a lot and even made me change my mind on the 3 months thing so as to learn all that I didn’t know in the marketing industry.

Screenshot_2018-12-27-08-57-48-1.pngIt’s been 2 years 3 months and 15 days since I joined this company. Looking back I am glad I chose to stay for I have learnt so much. From looking for business to closing deals, developing proposals to executions, I have learnt all this and today I can say that I can package my services and go out there to present them to other people with confidence. I do believe that everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. There’s my reason for coming to this team that at first seemed so difficult to work with but I am the person that I am today because I didn’t leave as I had planned when I came in.

As I write this today, I feel very emotional for leaving them but I have to because at some point in life we all have to move to the next chapter that God wants us to explore. I don’t know if its only me but every time I resign from a company I always shade some tears the last days, did I just say some, coz right now I am ruining my make up. Jeez! Why am I this emotional?

Screenshot_2018-12-27-09-06-08-1.pngAll these people have been in my life for over 2 years, I used to spend all my days with them. We worked, fought, laughed, gossiped, ate, cried and did a lot together. They saw me on my worst days and even on my best days, anyway let me stop being this emotional person now. I know I have their contacts and i can always reach them, right? 😉Anyway, I just wanted to share this part of my life with you, remember you are my security blanket.

I may look and talk like the strongest woman on earth but I do cry too, I am human too, I have feelings too. Now I am off to the world out there, hoping for nothing but the best. I know its not going to be a walk in the park but I trust that God, who gave me the idea of leaving employment, has something nice in store for me. Trust in him with all your plans and all shall be well.





Dream It! Do IT! #014

rrLife has a way of pushing our dreams down. They can become buried under discouragements, failures, past mistakes, low self-esteem, society expectations of us and many more. It’s very easy to settle for less in the world that we live in.

Settling for something that doesn’t bring joy into your life, just because it’s what the world has made you believe in.  You have your dreams in your head but the fear in you can’t allow you to follow your heart desires and make those dreams come to place. There’s always something in you that tells you ‘Yes you can’ but when reality checks in and you think of your monthly bills and the standard of living in this city, you start questioning yourself, ‘How will I make it?’ Sweet@ it’s never easy, that I can assure you. All you need to do is take the 1st step of faith and trust God to do the rest.

There are quite a number of times that I have done the scariest things in the name of going for my dreams. I have resigned from different jobs, going to no salary, trying to follow my dreams. It’s usually a good feeling getting my freedom but it’s come with having Huge Faith. Life usually gets tougher when you have no income especially when you were used to a salary every month but the good thing is that, goals that stretch you will always bring out the best in you so all that I do is keep on pushing.

To make your dreams come to place you have to be a doer, just like faith, dreaming without action is dead. Throughout my life I have learnt how to be comfortable by doing the things that make me feel uncomfortable. You have to take the bold move in order to follow your dreams and make them come to pass.

meee1Start by using what God has given you to make this happen. Take time to study yourself and know where you need to grow. Start small and you will grow bigger overtime. I’ve done this so many times and I am still doing it even when sometimes it freaks me out the most. You need to have the drive in you that will always make you follow your dreams no matter what. Dream it and take the action because that’s where your potential awaits.

I recently met my primary school teacher who I haven’t seen in a long time but there’s something that she told me that did make sense a lot. She said, ‘Christine, you haven’t changed even a little, you are still the same girl that I taught, who was outspoken and wasn’t afraid of representing in front of the school’’ she went on and on ……When I walked away from my Primary school teacher I knew that the dream of speaking life to different people started from way back when I was in lower class. Sometimes all we need is assurance, I am not sure where you get yours from but mine usually comes from within me or from different people that I meet every day.

meeeWhen I was in high school, I had visioned myself doing so many things and I wrote them on my Journal. A few years back when I moved to my current house I came across this high school journal. I couldn’t believe my eyes for all the things that I wrote on that journal I did achieve. I am glad I followed my heart with all that I wanted to do when I was little girl. I’m always grateful to God for being present all the time, because of him I am here today to tell you once again that there’s power in writing down your dreams and plans.

Habakuk 2: 2 clearly confirms that;

“Write down the revelation
    and make it plain on tablets
    so that a herald may run with it’’

Never ever stop dreaming because the moment you stop, you will not know what to expect in the future and you might just end up working for other people, helping them build their dreams. Let me remind you of one thing, ‘ you are never too old to set a dream, time is now and not tomorrow, set that dream and make it come to reality.

If you’re at a stage where you are not happy with what you are doing, I urge you to end that chapter that doesn’t bring happiness to you and invest your time in things that brings joy & fulfillment in your life. We all live once and you should always give your best in the one life that you have here on earth.  Harriet Tubman once said that every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”





Cheers ;-}

Nothing is Permanent! #013


History was never made from nothing but from doing something. It’s interesting how life is, one day you wake up doing this the next day you don’t want to do it anymore.  So we better get up and do something meaningful with our lives, something that make us happy and fulfilled.

Just like the above nothing is permanent and we’re only here for a short while, no one is sure about when they are leaving. I wake up every day chasing my dreams, hustling so hard and trying to enjoy life at the same time because you know what guys ‘’it’s never that serious’’ everything come and go.

In this journey of mine I’ve met different people from different places in the world. Some meant everything  to me others nothing at all. One thing that I know about myself is that I get attached to people very easily and trust so fast. I remember there’s a time in my 2nd employment I was attached to these 2 colleagues and couldn’t imagine how life would be without them. Sadly we all separated at some point and moved on with our lives. They meant the world to me then but ask me today, I have no idea where they went to. I can’t even remember the last time I spoke to any of them.

When I started my business it took me forever to get good employees, I don’t think if I should say good employees but yeah it took me some time to get the right ones. After 1 year of struggle I was lucky to find good people, whom I treated like family and cherished the most. Saturdays became Bae to me for I could go to my shop and bond with both my employees and customers.

In the process I got so attached to one of them, we became friends and she trusted me with her personal matters. She became like my immediate little sister.  Remember, I’ve never employed anyone before, that was my 1st time and I didn’t know how far is too far. I didn’t know how to separate the things to tell my employees and what not to.


She was one cheerful employee and was always willing to learn, could get along with clients and was full of life. She got so used to me, took advantage of it, she missed work couple of times,  it got to a point that I had to respect my business policies and let her go.

It was a hard thing to do but I had to woman up, think of my business and the well-being of my other employees. Just like she left and the truth is many will also come and go. My everyday prayer is to be a good employer that do not  favour anyone but treat all equally.

During this journey of employing, I’ve learnt that it’s never that serious, especially with employees, I shouldn’t get attached to them so much but I should learn how to help them grow, then be fine with them leaving when they want to. Employees will always come and go, I guess I am a good example on that so I shouldn’t expect otherwise but that’s a story for another day. All I need to do is take care of them so that they can take care of my business because it’s the business that is constant in this relationship of Employer and Employee.

Life itself is very short, today you are happy, smiling, in love and you feel like getting married immediately, then the next day its just different. The people who used to make you smile back in the day, somehow are no longer there. See what I mean now, things, people, jobs, money all come and go and so will we.

All you need to do is learn how to make it worth living, don’t stress yourself so much, enjoy every moment like it’s your last day. Sometimes we find ourselves deep into this thing called hustling until we forget to live. Take a break, go for a trip far away, laugh with strangers, love someone like you will never love again, dance, eat, exercise, smile and walk like the world is your runway and you will see how great life is when you let loose.




Ways to Motivate yourself at work when you really feel unappreciated #012

Screenshot_20181009-211129_InstagramIt’s usually very annoying when you sacrifice your extra time to finish on a job that someone else failed to complete just to make your boss happy but you never receive that happiness in return. You put in hours and hours of hard work hoping that this particular boss will notice but all they see are the things you have not done right.

Sometimes all you need to hear is someone telling you that you are on the right path keep on keeping on. Just appreciating what you do by complementing makes a big difference but clearly this is very hard to receive from most employers.

Employee’s motivation doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give them money. Just talking to them and assuring them that you sincerely do appreciate their effort and pointing out the areas they need to improve on means a lot. Is it always that hard? Yeah I’m sure you might say that it is but in my own opinion I don’t think so.

In the past 2 years I’ve not only been an employer but also an employee. At first I thought it was going to be hard to balance the two but with time I’ve got to learn so much. As an employee I’ve picked a few do’s and the don’ts from my boss to use as an employer and at the same time I have learnt what to expect from my employees and how to appreciate them.

Feeling appreciated will definitely make you feel good and become more productive. A lot of times employers will hire you in order to help them achieve their dreams forgetting the fact you also have your dreams to achieve in the process. And this goes to you, Yes, you 👉☺the one reading this article, especially if you are employed, I hope that whatever you are doing now, is contributing towards achieving your DREAMS.

If you are feeling underappreciated at your workplace, below are 4 tips you need to start practicing in order to enjoy your job

1. Have a Morning routine

Come up with something that makes you happy in the morning. For example:  working out DOES it for me. There’s a way it increases my productivity and makes me become more energized during the day, you can do the same or something else that you enjoy doing.

2. Focus on small Victories

Never wait for big things to happen in order to make a toast. Always find something small to celebrate. Focus on the good things that are happening at your work place. For example, a client thanking you for doing a great job, focus on such stuff, trust me they will make you feel really good.

3. Motivate yourself with Goals

Set your own goals and find joy in accomplishing them. It always feels good to set goals and crush them. It doesn’t have to be something big; you can start by making sure that you keep time in all your meetings, meeting deadlines and just being proactive enough. Have your own internal motivation since no one else is going to give it to you.

4. Recognize the Significance of your work

First you need to start by asking yourself why you agreed to work in that company and what were you planning to achieve. Once you have your answer use that as your day to day motivation.



Cheers! 😉


OMG! I’m in Labour! #011

It’s my birthday month and a lot of things usually happen in my life every November. For some reason it’s the only month in the year that I get to reflect on my life. I am back at work from my vacation which was wonderful but totally different this time round.

I am sure by now you all know how much I love and enjoy travelling. I visited 2 places within the coastal side of Kenya that I’ve never been before. As I said this particular trip was different for it was not only a holiday vacation where I would get to eat, sleep, party, unwind then go back home but it was also a 2019 strategy trip.

I seriously love planning and journaling a lot. If you are reading this and you are thinking of buying me a birthday gift hint* hint* I love note books because of my passion for writing. There’s just something that ‘’putting it down on paper’’ does to me, it makes me just commit to it, so yes a book can do 😊. I wonder what works for you though, if writing does it then I guess you are my twin.

My birthday was spent at Diamonds Dreams of Africa in Malindi which was super amazing. I met million people, learnt a little bit of Italian words like ‘grazie’ that’s the easiest I can remember. I felt like I was in Italy at some point haha! I am not the kind of person that like visiting a place over and over but Dreams of Africa is a hotel that I would definitely visit again.IMG_20181102_215323_798

I wish I could share more about how I enjoyed my birthday, the white garden dinner, the beach party and the night life in Malindi but you know what guys I am so pregnant right now I am just going to dive into my pregnancy.

I am back to work 😉, feeling fresh and energized ready to get things done which is a plus for my boss. But on the other side Christine is so pregnant 😋and is just about to deliver. Allow me to take you back a little; I had mentioned that part of my birthday trip was to strategize my 2019, and this happened at Turtle Bay hotel in Watamu where I stayed and had different meetings with myself for 3 days.

It was such a tough thing to do in this particular hotel because they had very interesting activities that involved everyone. I carried so many books to this trip, I actually looked like a lecturer who was about to have his session the entire time. Anyway my holiday came to an end and I left the place feeling so pregnant. Yes pregnant with many ideas, interesting ideas that sometimes I just sit down and wonder why I didn’t think like that 2 or 3 years back.

During my planning for 2019, I came up with 8 Goals that I need to work on in the next 1 year, so far 2 are up and running well. The 3rd one is to keep time, which I’m currently nailing. I know keeping time might look like such a simple goal to set but it’s one of the toughest to achieve. For you and me to be successful we have to be disciplined with the simple stuff. I believe time keeping plays a big role when you are working towards your goals.

The other 5 goals are still work in progress but the 4th one is a little bit hair-raising. As the days go by I feel like I am getting closer to my labour and I just can’t help but wait to meet this baby. My baby is the type that not so many people will encourage you to have not even your family members but I am so ready. For it’s going to make way to the remaining goals. I can’t wait to share with you about it as soon as the baby comes out.

Enough about me, I think it would be selfish if I don’t share with you a few things that I learnt that helped me plan well my 2019.

  1. Set SMART goals. Ask yourself the following Is it {a} Specific {b} Measurable {c} Attainable {d} Relevant and {e} Time bound? Set goals that motivate you, what you love doing and what you would like to become. Think about Yourself and your happiness. That’s what is important because when you are happy the people around you will do the same.
  2. Put them down in writing. What has worked for me in the past is writing them on colourful sticky notes and placing them where I can see every day when I wake up and before I go to bed.
  3. Set timelines on each and every Goal then work on being disciplined enough to make them happen.
  4. Come up with an action plan that clearly indicates the steps that you will take towards achieving your goals. Don’t just spend a lot of time planning; thrive to be the doer, the one who walk the talk.
  5. Lastly is Accountability, have someone that you trust and you know can push you towards achieving your goals. I know it’s hard to find genuine people but I am sure you do have one, if not you can always talk to me that’s why I am here and the reason why I started this.

With the above please let’s all try to build one another as Bill Clinton once said that ‘’we cannot build our own future without helping others to build theirs’’

#Inlabour 😉

Cheers! 😉